Friday, 1 June 2012

Its Been A Long Time...x

Wow…I haven’t blogged in so long. Sorry about that however I did say that I had exams to do! Yes I am more than halfway through! I only have 3 papers left out of 11 so of course I am happy. Even my mum can’t wait for me for me to be done; she has already told a few people that I am already at home because she can already feel my presence. I Love her seriously. Anyways because I have 8 days left before my next paper I felt like I should just catch up and say wassup! So WASSUP???

This Post Is About Nothing And Everything So…..
  1. First of all, I need to tell you of the sad news in my life right now which I only got yesterday. Davido has a Girlfriend and to be fair she is actually kinda really pretty. Plus she has big boobs. How can I compete? (I am not looking for self pity and I am not ugly but my boobs ain’t as big as hers) I take it Davido is a Boobs man which is a shame cuz Ass is where I can compete. Seriously though I am happy for him and it is now for me to take my obsession elsewhere because as soon as I heard yesterday and I pretended to cry (no water came out of my eye oh) my friends immediately guessed that he had a girlfriend. Am I really that obvious?
       2.  My birthday came and went and the anticipation was nice then the actual birthday was also very nice and the party was also very nice. I love my friends, they really came through for me with the little we had at that point in time plus a lot of them had exams on my actual birthday yet they were still able to unwind and have fun with me. I love you guys and I will put up some pictures so that all or most will be bared and to show how crazy we are with limited resources.

1.    3.  :( :( :( Lastly A really really close friend of mine is upset with me and he has stopped talking to me. Its so bad cuz it has gone on for a lot longer than usual. I really don’t like fighting with him and its over something so silly. Perharps its for the best though so that his girlfriend will stop with all her killer looks though? Hmmmm….Noooo I miss my friend.

     Bye 4 now...I really need to study for my next paper...x